Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 

An unforgettable encounter

The sun was shining through the trees but I didn't notice it. I was walking fast thinking that I was already late. It didn't matter how much I planned it seemed I would always end up being caught up on something that would make me late. I'm looking down at the floor as I walk, maybe just afraid to get distracted by something else. A sudden wind blows and I feel on my face. It makes me look up for a moment and I notice a group of people surrounding a man that had his back facing me. It makes me curious, so I slow down to have a glance of what made all those people stop their days.

An Owl! Beautiful and large! Who wouldn't stop and admire that gorgeous bird. The closest I have ever come to one. It notices my presence and moves its head to face me. Those large enchanting orange eyes starring at me. We remained like that, staring into each other's eyes for what felt like a long time. We exchanged something that I just couldn't explain.

The worry and stress was gone. Nothing could be more important than that moment, that opportunity. So much beauty and presence, I could only admire its magnificence.  I realise that I had a shy smile for as long as I stood there admiring. That encounter had just changed my day, me. I could no longer walk looking down, it was too limiting. What would I lose walking the way I was doing before? That owl waked me up and made me aware of the moment. An unforgettable encounter….

She arrives at home excited, I wasn't sure about what. But that wasn't something rare with her. She was different, simple things enchanted her. Her biggest passion was nature, the changes of the seasons, the shapes, colours… A simple flower could occupy a 15 minutes conversation.

“You won’t believe what happened to me!” she says looking for something on her phone. She shows me a picture of an owl sitting on a man’s arm.
“Cool, what happened, did you see it somewhere?”
“Yes, I was late walking on the park, but then I met her”
“You met her? What do you mean, its a bird!”
“I mean it connected with me, I couldn't do anything else other than stop and admire. The eyes, the size, its presence. I still can’t stop thinking about it.” She says softly.
“That’s a little crazy, no?” I say trying to comprehend.
“Its is crazy and hard to explain. It just made me feel better as nothing else would. It woke me up and made me see that there is more to life…”

She had this sparkle in her eyes, this tone in her voice, this enthusiasm and passion. I couldn't stop admiring her. I would never fall in love with a bird, like she could. Nevertheless that just made me love her even a little bit more…  



One of my short stories was selected to be in the upcoming book 365 Tiny Love Challenges from Tiny Buddha







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