Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 

If I die before you

If I die before you, please don’t be sad…

If it’s unbearable to frequent the places we used to go together, go to other places…

If the memories are too strong and painful, go and build new memories, live new moments…

If you regret the last non spoken word, the non lived moment, please remember all the good moments together, the love words, those last forever…

If you feel anger or injustice, please remember these feelings exist only inside you. There is no justice or revenge that will make it go. Forgive, make peace that is what I’d wished my legacy to be…

Please remember

I was happy

I loved and was loved 

I enjoyed most of the moments

I learned and taught

I had amazing opportunities

And those are my biggest wishes for you…
Please be happy!



One of my short stories was selected to be in the upcoming book 365 Tiny Love Challenges from Tiny Buddha







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