Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 


She always left home before her husband and her precious boys. She kissed each one of them on their foreheads and thought how difficult the last few days have been. It was just too much for her to see her sons suffering. She heard them crying the night before hiding away from her. And that hurt even more. She knew it was something at school, comments from other kids. It had already happened before. They didn't have friends, just because of where she was from. She couldn't change the fact that she was a foreigner and there was nothing she could do to solve her boys’ problems. It made her feel powerless and that was what upset her the most. It was just not fair…

She left home late for work. Stopped at a petrol station to fill up her car. An old lady was in front of her in the queue to pay. When the lady’s turn arrived she took a long time to pay for the 2 or 3 unimportant items she was purchasing. She was the one with bills to pay and late to get to work! She should be the one with priority, her job was more important. Why this woman needed to buy these things at rush hour? The old lady looked back apologising but she only nodded her head in disapproval making sure she showed her discontentment.

She finally arrived at work, walking fast through the corridor she saw one of her colleagues coming in the opposite direction still some distance away. She didn't like her much, always dressed in a strange way, had a funny hair and was always showing too much, it just wasn't decent. She looked down at some paperwork she was carrying with her at the exact moment the woman passed by just so that she didn't need to say hello.

Later she left for her lunch and decided to buy a sandwich at the local deli. She looked through the window and noticed it was the gay man that was working. She didn't mind gay people but he was just a bit too much, his behaviour, the way he speaks. She kept telling herself that it wasn't his sexual choice, she would feel the same way if he were straight, it was just his behaviour.

She walked back to the office when she saw a group of teenagers laughing and joking. They had darker skin, tattoos, hats and piercing. She didn't feel safe and decided to cross the street.

She sat down at her desk and the 20 years old manager came into the office to ask for some help. She got annoyed and treated her coldly thinking how they could hire someone so young and inexperienced to do such an important job.

She left work anxious to get home and spend time with her precious family. She walked pass a man sweeping the streets. He was on her way and that made her stop to wait for him. He haven’t seen her, he was just doing his job looking down. But she was impatient and thought he should pay more attention to the people trying to pass by, they had important things to do, places to get to.

She finally arrived home and found her two little boys crying and playing alone once more. They were bullied at school again. Her heart broke. It was just unfair! She felt powerless. Why me? Why my boys? What kind of society do we live in?

The one we create…

Unless we change the way we think and live our lives racism and prejudice will always be present. It’s much bigger than just actions or words against other people. It comes in all shapes and forms. It starts with how we think and see the world. Unless each one of us start to change it will be just transferred from generation to generation. We are all different and will always be. I choose to live in a world where we accept each other and our differences with love. Hope you also do…



One of my short stories was selected to be in the upcoming book 365 Tiny Love Challenges from Tiny Buddha







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