Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 


Elaine Martini is a deep thinker and a highly sensitive person. Writing has always been part of her life. It's a way to understand the world, other people, and herself. When she is not thinking about life and its lessons she can be found reading, cooking, baking, meditating, doing yoga, learning something new, or making crafty creative things in West Sussex, England. 


She graduated as an architect and urban planner in Brazil where she was born. Despite not working directly in the field anymore she helps people to improve their environments specialising in worksurfaces design. 


Traveling and discovering new places, people, and cultures have always been one of her passions. That made her emigrate from Brazil in 2006 and took her to different corners of the world for short and long-term adventures. 


Nowadays she loves to start her day slowly, appreciating every minute. And looking for the next story waiting to be written.


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