Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 

Language Services - Translator

English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish

Having lived in 4 different countries (England, Brazil, Italy, and Spain) gave me a deep knowledge of different languages but also their cultures. I understand how important language is in our interconnected world.

Communication is so much more than words. It's about conveying ideas, building relationships, understanding people, and transcending linguistic and cultural barriers.

Being a writer with a strong business background makes me able to offer a comprehensive suite of language services designed to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals to thrive in a multilingual landscape.


TRANSLATION - Whether it's documents, books, websites, or marketing materials, translation doesn't mean only converting written or spoken content from one language to another. But more importantly, I'm committed to making sure the message preserves the original meaning, tone, context, looks, and sounds natural. Making sure the message is delivered accurately, creating effective communication in multilingual environments.


TRANSCREATION OR CREATIVE TRANSLATION - In recent years Artificial Intelligence has made available many reliable translation tools. Even though, it translates text it's not capable of preserving the context, tone of voice, and nuances of the language. Transcreation focuses on adapting this type of content preserving those important aspects, ensuring the message is delivered how intended, and resonating with the target audience.


SUBTITLING AND CAPTIONING - Multimedia content is becoming one of the most used and effective ways to reach an audience. Making this type of content accessible to a global audience, including those who are deaf, or hard of hearing, can have a fundamental impact on its reach. Therefore subtitling and captioning are essential tools for effective communication. 


Language Services are instrumental for effective communication with diverse audiences and navigating the complexities of a globalized world. Contact me today to explore all the services I can offer either for businesses or individuals. 


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