Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 

Rainbow initiation


She walked fast to catch her usual bus. It had been a couple of weeks since she started the new job but the early shifts were still difficult to get used to. It was dark as every morning but this one felt different. There were no cars but instead a few people were moving barriers on the streets. She thought it was likely to be another event. The move to Brighton was only a few months before, but this was a place where there was always something going on.

She made it in time for her shift. It went quickly without any issues. She smiled as she walked to the bus stop thinking she was starting to get hold of things with the new job. She walked slower this time deciding what to do with the rest of that beautiful Saturday. As she sat on the bus she grabbed her book and lost herself in it. The bus suddenly stopped, a lot sooner than the normal duration of her journey.

Everyone will have to get out of the bus here, the roads are closed. The driver announced.

She looked outside. There was a big crowd of people in every direction. Rainbows, glitter, face paint, and so many colourful outfits. People were dancing and celebrating, the atmosphere was incredible.

She realized she was the only one left on the bus when the driver interrupted:

Is this your rainbow initiation?”

She smiled and replied “Yes?”

Well, enjoy. There is nothing like the Brighton Pride!”


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