Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 

Summer castle


Summer was beautiful, bright, always radiating energy, excitement, hopes...


It seemed just summer's presence would bring people hope and joy. That was a power that couldn't be denied. But within oneself, Summer didn't see it as a power, it was a protection so no one would know the truth. Summer thought others were better and had more to offer. In comparison, Summer thought to be dull, predictable, boring, tiring... Of course, that couldn't be shared or expressed. To others, Summer was the luckiest of them all. It seemed wrong to feel that way, be a burden to anyone else.


The Castle changed so much over the years, it was hardly recognisable. One could say the walls looked taller in this bare worn-out condition. But its walls didn't make the castle stronger, even so, that now that was the only part of it that kept it together. There were no more windows and doors to the outside world or a roof for protection. Within its walls it was harder and harder to see out, it all looked scary and lonely. The emptiness of the rooms was day by day more imposing than anything else. It looked like time has stolen the life and beauty out of it. If nothing changed this castle was doomed to its destruction and soon would be part of the past.


Summer woke up one day and decided that was the day. She was tired of how she felt and how hard it was to keep the outside walls looking pretty and perfect for everyone else when the inside was crumbling down and rotting away. She didn't know why she just knew she couldn't go on. She couldn't dare to think of burdening anyone else when she couldn't understand any of it herself. She was only certain there was only one way out of her interior castle.


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