Elaine Martini
Elaine Martini 

Short Stories

Scraped hands

She lost count of how many times she washed her hands today. It was difficult to know if it was justified or too much anxiety. She checked the time again, it was a struggle to get used to this new routine. Time passed by quickly and slowly. Last month felt like last year. 

Summer castle

Summer was beautiful, bright, always radiating energy, excitement, hopes...It seemed just summer's presence would bring people hope and joy. That was a power that couldn't be denied. But within oneself, Summer didn't see it as a power, it was a protection so no one would know the truth.

I am a human being, not a human doing

“Wakey-wakey! It's late, it's time to get up! There is so much to do. You have to get started or the day will be gone and you won't do all the things in your list. ”

“I know but it feels so comfortable here in bed, just another 10 minutes...”

Stare off

Alma woke up early like she used to. She liked her routine. She walked into the kitchen, made her coffee and sat at the table looking out at the window. Her cat Lily jumped up on her lap. She pet her cat lovingly without taking her eyes from the window. 

Zeigarnik effect

She opened the cupboard door. It's funny how almost everyone she knew prefered a hidden mess to out in the open clutter. When not on view it's so much easier to ignore the presence of the unfinished task.

Lemon drizzle

“Mum, I promise I'll pay attention to the taste of every food that goes in my mouth from now on,” Amy said as she picked up the spoon her mum gave her.

“I'm so happy you are getting better honey,” she said stroking her daughter's hair.

If I die before you

f I die before you, please don’t be sad…

If it’s unbearable to frequent the places we used to go together, go to other places…

If the memories are too strong and painful, go and build new memories, live new moments…

Instant cat

“I'm sorry It's my first time, I'm not sure how it works”. Said the old lady hesitantly as she approaches the counter.

“Don't worry it's not complicated”. Replied the young lady whilst she carried on typing and looking at the computer screen.

Blue strobe

"You will feel a funny feeling in your tummy like you are falling down. It's normal, you are not falling down. After that, there will be a kind of bump when the plane hits the ground. Your body will be pulled forward as the pilot will break sharply to reduce the speed”

Primrose hotel

"Mum, how many days to our holiday?"
"Oh darling, you ask that every day, you know the answer..."
"It was 5 yesterday... 4 days, she says counting on her fingers. Are we still going?"

Rainbow initiation

She walked fast to catch her usual bus. It had been a couple of weeks since she started the new job but the early shifts were still difficult to get used to. It was dark as every morning but this one felt different. 


She always left home before her husband and her precious boys. She kissed each one of them on their foreheads and thought how difficult the last few days have been. It was just too much for her to see her sons suffering.


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